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No modern food production can exist and proceed without a permanent improvement in the quality of products and control of its safety. High competition, growing customer requirements, constant monitoring by government agencies and public organizations require full compliance of goods with state standards, specifications and other industry standards.

Edible fats and oils are used for manufacturing a wide range of food products. Factory laboratories of confectionery, dairy, fat, oil and meat factories regularly perform a large number of various physical and chemical analyzes aimed at controlling the composition and quality of both ingredients and finished products.

Iodine value is an important indicator of lipid composition 

One of the most important characteristics of lipids is their fatty acid composition which is determined by gas chromatography or wet chemistry methods. In this way, the qualitative and quantitative fatty acid composition, and the amount of trans-isomers are determined, as well as iodine value of fats and oils. 

Iodine value allows to judge about the degree of unsaturation of the fatty acids presenting in the fat. The higher the content of unsaturated fatty acids, the higher the value of iodine value.

The main advantages of determination of iodine value using the Wijs solution

It should be noted that determination of iodine value by the chromatographic method has several significant disadvantages. The first is a large spread of the values obtained for different devices. At the same time, the determination of iodine value using the Wijs solution (a solution of iodine monochloride ICl in an organic solvent) makes it possible to obtain accurate values regardless of the equipment used.

The second disadvantage of the chromatographic method is its high cost and complexity. Besides, not many laboratories can afford to buy and operate a chromatograph. The cost of equipment for titrimetric determination is much lower, and the speed of analysis is many times faster.

The third important point is that the determination of iodine value using the Wijs solution is recognized as the arbitration method. The data obtained on a chromatograph, in the case of any disputes and proceedings, cannot serve as a basis for making a decision.

Since November 2018, the Wijs solution has been produced in St. Petersburg by LenReactiv JSC.

The solution production time is 2-3 working days, and the minimum order quantity is 1 liter.

The only manufacturer of Wijs solution in Russia 

To determine iodine value, a weighed amount of the substance sampled is treated with an excess of iodinating agent in a suitable solvent, and the excess of unreacted iodine is titrated with a standard solution of sodium thiosulfate. This method is described particularly in GOST 5475-69 “Vegetable oils. Methods for determination of iodine value”, as well as GOST R ISO 3961-2010 “Animal and vegetable fats and oils. Determination of iodine value”.

As an iodinating agent, low-activity molecular iodine in a suitable solvent or a much more active bromine can be used. However, the most widely used is a solution of iodine monochloride, that is, the Wijs solution.

Until recently, many laboratories of Russian food enterprises have been plagued by severe problems with on-time supply of the Wijs solution. The fact was that the reagent was not produced in Russia, and buying it abroad was a long, many-month process with no guarantee of on-time delivery.

In November 2018, specialists of LenReactiv JSC (St. Petersburg) developed specification TU 20.59.59-009-62931140-2018 based on GOST 5475-69 “Vegetable oils. Methods for determination of iodine value” and the first samples of Wiis solution were released.

Trial batches of the solution were tested by specialists from leading oil, fat and confectionery companies, such as Babaevsky Confectionery Concern OJSC, Krasny Oktyabr confectionery factory, EFKO group of companies, Nizhny Novgorod Oil and Fat plant, and other enterprises. The results of testing the Wijs solution were the highest ratings and contracts for continuous supply of laboratories of these enterprises.

After that, on the basis of LenReactiv JSC facility, the large-scale manufacturing the Wijs solution was launched.

We emphasize that the cost of the Russian Wijs solution is three times lower than that of imported analogues, and the time of manufacture and shipment to customers is measured in days, not months. The minimum order quantity is 1 liter.

At present, dozens of manufacturing and controlling enterprises and organizations of Russia have become regular purchasers of the Wijs solution, and this is the best evidence of the quality of the product offered.

All questions regarding the characteristics of the Wijs solution, methods of its purchase and delivery, can be asked by phone +7 (812) 441-38-80, additional 335 or by e-mail pr@lenreactiv.ru